An illustration of a friendly bunch of co-workers discussing their salaries.

Are you getting paid fairly compared to your colleagues?

WorkFair is an easy, secure and anonymous way for work colleagues to find out if they’re being paid fairly compared to each other.

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An illustration of two friendly co-workers discussing their salaries.

How It Works

Invite colleagues to fill out a 1-minute salary survey sent anonymously from WorkFair. WorkFair’s secure, automated system then generates an Equality Report showing the group’s pay gap and median compensation.

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1. Pick colleagues

Choose colleagues you know with the same function or title who work next to you, across departments or locations, or even in other companies. Your role as the survey initiator is never revealed.

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2. Participate

Everyone, including yourself, is asked for three components of their annual compensation: base salary, bonuses and equity compensation.

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3. Receive results

Within 24 hours, WorkFair sends an Equality Report to all participants. The report contains the pay gap and median compensation for the group.

What’s in the Equality Report?

The Equality Report is generated if at least four people respond to the survey. Everyone who participates receives the report, which contains the following aggregated statistics:

  • Pay Gap

    The pay gap shows, as a percentage, the difference between the highest and lowest salaries in the group. The smaller the percentage, the better salary equality between all survey respondents.

  • Median Compensation

    The median is calculated separately for the base, bonus and equity components, and together under Total Compensation.

Sample Equality Report

A sample Equality Report.

Privacy and Security

The WorkFair salary survey is designed for maximum anonymity and data privacy.

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  • Confidential

    The survey initiator is never identified. No one’s salary is disclosed, and it’s impossible to figure out an individual’s compensation.

  • Automated Process

    The system is completely automated and involves no human intervention.

  • Secure Server

    WorkFair servers are encrypted at rest using AES-256, block-level storage encryption.

  • Strict Deletion Policy

    Salary information is automatically deleted after 48 hours.

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