An illustration of a friendly bunch of coworkers discussing their salaries.

Why Share Your Salary?

“How much do you make?” It’s surely one of the most uncomfortable questions to ask or be on the receiving end! WorkFair’s system overcomes this sensitivity through anonymity. The Equality Report is a powerful tool to discover if you are underpaid, have room for a salary increase or even have likely “topped out” in your company in terms of compensation for your position.

An illustration of two friendly co-workers discussing their salaries.
An illustration of three co-workers working in a casual co-working space along with a dog.

Pay Equity

Colleague openness about pay can also expose businesses that unfairly underpay some employees while overpaying others for doing the same job – it can inspire you to question why and whether you will be happy long-term within your company’s culture.

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Salary Negotiation

Salary sharing is also a “career check” – if it ends up you’re happy with your comparable compensation, good for you! If not, the WorkFair feedback gives you the confidence to negotiate for the higher salary you deserve.

A Better Workplace

Salary sharing is an issue that is increasingly at the forefront of worker rights. Progressive firms recognize that pay equity and compensation clarity is directly related to employee satisfaction levels, increased productivity and improved retention.

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